Tall Frames

Our tall frames are the largest stock size that we have with external dimensions of 256mm x 525mm with a 35mm frame depth and can be wall mounted in portrait or landscape format. The internal artwork insert size is 504mm x 235mm, allowing space for both a CD or multiple CDs and plaque to be included, or just a plaque with more artwork space if required.

Pricing starts from £40+VAT per frame depending on the options that you require and quantities ordered. Each frame comes individually boxed with the staff member name on the outside for easy identification.

Weight per frame with plaque and CD included: around 900g

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Glow In The Dark options

For a recent project with nDreams we created glow in the dark printed elements using 1.3mm non-toxic and non-radiating PVC glow in the dark rigid board that was printed, cut and assembled in-house. This option is best used for a larger element, logo or plaque in the frame that doesn’t have too many complex cuts, we can assist with advising on what is practical and feasible for your own requirements.

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